From the Bosphorus to Bagdad and Beyond

Source: Extract of letter from Frederick Thompson Wright to Dr L. These, 13 June 1914, reproduced in Frederick Thompson Wright, From the Bosphorus to Bagdad and beyond, an epistolatory epitome of an expedition from Constantinople to the Caspian (Douglas Arizona, 1915), p. 49

Text: Bagdad, June 13.

Last night I was at dinner with Major Scott, the medical man connected with the British Consulate. The others were Captain Scott, who commands the dinky little gun-boat the English keep here, Mrs. Scott and Mr. Richarz. After dinner we all went to the cinema show; they make a great deal of it, being the only amusement they have. The pictures were mostly American.

Comments: Frederick Thompson Wright was an American traveller. His account of a journey through the ‘Near East’ in 1914 was published privately in the form of letters sent to a colleague. Cinema shows are thought to have started in Baghdad in 1909.

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