This is a list of all the film titles, lantern slide sets, panoramas, streamed theatre productions and television programmes referred to in the entries in Picturegoing.

The links will take you to all of the relevant entries under that title. Titles are those of the original country of production (except for Chinese titles, which are given in English). Dates are those of original release or broadcast. Long-running film serials and television series are given under the first year of production. Newsreels and magazine films are given their start and finish date.

Adieu au langage (France/Switzerland 2014)
The Adventure of the Alarm Clock (USA 1914)
Adventures of Captain Marvel (USA 1941)
The Affairs of Anatole (USA 1921)
Alice in Wonderland (USA 1933)
All This and Heaven Too (USA 1940)
Âmes corses (France 1908)
Amour (France/Germany/Austria 2010)
Les amours de la reine Élisabeth (France 1912)
Annabelle (USA 1894)
L’année dernière à Marienbad (France 1961)
Annie Hall (USA 1977)
Après le bal le tub (France 1897)
L’argent (France/Switzerland 1983)
Armand d’Ary (USA 1894)
L’arrivée d’un train (France 1896)
L’Arroseur arrosé (France 1895)
L’Atlantide (France/Germany 1932)
Back Pay (USA 1922)
The Bad and the Beautiful (USA 1952)
Baignade en mer (France 1895)
Band Drill (USA 1894)
Barber Shop (USA 1893)
Bar Room Scene (USA 1894)
Barry Lyndon (UK/USA 1975)
Batman (USA 1943)
The Battle of the Ancre and the Advance of the Tanks (UK 1917)
The Battle of the Somme (UK 1916)
Beau Brummell (USA 1924)
Beau Geste (USA 1926)
Ben-Hur (USA 1925)
Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt (Germany 1927)
Bertoldi (USA 1894)
Best Foot Forward (USA 1943)
The Better ‘Ole (UK 1918)
Betty’s Nightmare (USA 1912)
The Birth of a Nation (USA 1915)
Black Beauty (USA 1921)
The Black Box (USA 1915)
Der Blaue Engel (Germany 1930)
Blacksmiths (USA 1893)
Le Blé en herbe (France 1954)
Blossoms in the Dust (USA 1941)
Blue Bottles (UK 1928)
Blue Velvet (USA 1986)
Bonnie and Clyde (USA 1967)
Borderline (UK 1930)
Boxing Cats (USA 1894)
The Bridge on the River Kwai (UK 1957)
A Bridge Too Far (UK 1977)
Brief Encounter (UK 1945)
British Movietone News (UK 1929-1979)
British Paramount News (UK 1931-1957)
Broadway (USA 1929)
Broadway Danny Rose (USA 1984)
Broadway Melody (USA 1929)
Broken Blossoms (USA 1919)
The Broken Coin (USA 1915)
Bronenosets Potemkin (USSR 1925)
Buck Rogers (USA 1939)
Buffalo Bill (USA 1894)
Burn ‘Em Up Barnes (USA 1934)
Butterfield 8 (USA 1960)
By the Sea (USA 1915)
Das Cabinet des Dr Caligari (Germany 1920)
A Canterbury Tale (UK 1944)
Le capitaine noire (France 1917)
Captain Blood (USA 1935)
Capture by Stratagem of Mount Hua (China 1953)
The Cardinal (USA 1963)
Carmencita (USA 1894)
Un carnet de bal (France 1937)
Casablanca (USA 1942)
Casanova Brown (USA 1944)
Catch-22 (USA 1970)
C’era una volta il West (Italy/Spain/USA 1968)
The Charge of the Light Brigade (USA 1936)
Chelsea Girls (USA 1966)
Children at Play (UK 1896)
The Circus (USA 1928)
The Citadel (UK 1938)
Citizen Kane (USA 1941)
City Lights (USA 1931)
Clarence (USA 1922)
Cleopatra (USA 1963)
The Climax (USA 1944)
A Clockwork Orange (UK/USA 1971)
Cock Fight (USA 1894)
The Cocoanuts (USA 1929)
Il colchino et la rosa (Italy 1921)
The Common Touch (UK 1941)
Conquest (USA 1937)
The Corbett-Fitzsimmons Fight (USA 1897)
The Corsican Brothers (USA 1941)
The Count of Monte Cristo (USA 1913)
Cover Girl (USA 1944)
Crainquebille (France 1922)
The Crimson Pirate (USA 1952)
Crime Does Not Pay (USA 1935-1938)
The Cross in the Cacti (USA 1914)
Cue and Mis-cue (USA 1913)
Curing the Doctor (USA 1913)
Cyrano de Bergerac (France 1990)
Dance, Fools, Dance (USA 1931)
Dangerous Moonlight (UK 1941)
Dark Journey (UK 1937)
Dark Victory (USA 1939)
A Daughter of the Gods (USA 1916)
Days of Glory (USA 1944)
Dear Octopus (UK 1943)
Le Débarquement du Congrès de photographie à Lyon (France 1895)
Dekabristi (USSR 1927)
Devyatoe Yanvarya (USSR 1925)
Diamonds are Forever (UK 1971)
Dillinger (USA 1973)
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (USA 1920)
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (USA 1941)
The Doctor’s Secret (USA 1929)
Don Juan (USA 1926)
Dracula (USA 1931)
The Draughtsman’s Contract (UK 1982)
Drums of Love (USA 1928)
Duck Soup (USA 1933)
Duel in the Sun (USA 1946)
The Eagle Has Landed (UK 1976)
The 18 Bronzemen (Hong Kong 1976)
Empire State Express (USA 1896)
Endlich allein, oder Isidors Hochzeitsreise (Germany 1913)
L’enfant de Paris (France 1913)
Enter the Dragon (Hong Kong 1973)
Evergreen (UK 1934)
Eve’s Film Review (UK 1921-1933)
The Exploits of Elaine (USA 1914)
The Face on the Barroom Floor (USA 1914)
Fantômas (France 1913)
The Female of the Species (USA 1912)
Field of Dreams (USA 1989)
55 Days at Peking (USA 1962)
Fire over England (UK 1937)
The First of the Few (USA 1942)
FitzPatrick Traveltalks (USA 1930-1954)
The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T (USA 1953)
Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars (USA 1938)
Floral Friends (UK 1909)
The Flying Fleet (USA 1929)
Foolish Wives (USA 1922)
Forbidden Hours (USA 1928)
For Love of Ivy (USA 1968)
For Whom the Bell Tolls (USA 1943)
The Four Feathers (UK 1939)
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (USA 1921)
Fox Movietone Follies of 1929 (USA 1929)
Frenzy (UK 1972)
Gaiety Girls (USA 1894)
Le galant garde français (France 1908)
The Garden of Allah (USA 1936)
Gaslight (UK 1940)
Gaumont-British News (UK 1934-1959)
Das gefährliche Alter (Germany 1911)
Geheimnisse einer Seele (Germany 1926)
Le genou de Claire (France 1970)
Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford (USA 1921)
Ghost City (USA 1932)
Gimme Shelter (USA 1970)
The Godfather (USA 1972)
The Godfather: Part II (USA 1974)
Going My Way (USA 1944)
Gold Diggers of Broadway (USA 1929)
The Gold Rush (USA 1925)
The Goldwyn Follies (USA 1938)
Der Golem (Germany 1920)
Gone with the Wind (USA 1939)
Goodnight Vienna (UK 1932)
The Graduate (USA 1967)
La Grande Illusion (France 1937)
The Grapes of Wrath (USA 1940)
The Great Lie (USA 1941)
The Great Man’s Lady (USA 1942)
The Great Train Robbery (USA 1903)
The Great Victor Herbert (USA 1939)
The Great Waltz (USA 1938)
The Great Ziegfeld (USA 1936)
Gung Ho! (USA 1943)
A Guy Named Joe (USA 1943)
Hamlet (UK 1948)
Harold and Maude (USA 1971)
The Hazards of Helen (USA 1914)
Hearts in Dixie (USA 1929)
Heisses Blut (Germany 1911)
Henry V (UK 1944)
Her Jungle Love (USA 1938)
Her Majesty the Queen and TIMs the Emperor and Empress of Russia, TRHs the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, HRH Princess of Battenberg and Royal Children at Balmoral (UK 1896)
Highland Dance (USA 1894)
His Girl Friday (USA 1940)
His Pastimes (USA 1926)
Hollywood (USA 1923)
Hollywood Cavalcade (USA 1939)
L’homme à la tête en caoutchouc (France 1901)
Hon. Will H. Hays, President of the Motion Picture Producers & Distributors of America, Inc., Who Will Address You (USA 1926)
Horse Shoeing (USA 1893)
The Hound of the Baskervilles (USA 1939)
The House of Fear (USA 1917)
The House of Hate (USA 1918)
Immortal Sergeant (USA 1943)
The Indian Massacre (USA 1912)
L’inferno (Italy 1911)
Innocents of Paris (USA 1929)
In This Our Life (USA 1942)
Intolerance (USA 1916)
The Invisible Man (USA 1933)
Iron and Steel (USA 1914)
Island in the Sun (USA 1957)
It Always Rains on Sunday (UK 1947)
Jaws (USA 1975)
The Jazz Singer (USA 1927)
Jesse James (USA 1939)
John Halifax, Gentleman (UK 1916)
Jonas qui aura 25 ans en l’an 2000 (Switzerland 1976)
Juarez (USA 1939)
Katastrofen I Dokken (Denmark 1913)
Kent the Fighting Man (UK 1916)
La Kermesse Heroique (France 1935)
Die keusche Susanna (Germany 1911)
The Kid (USA 1921)
King Kong (USA 1933)
The King of Comedy (USA 1982)
King of Jazz (USA 1930)
King of Kings (USA 1927)
King Solomon’s Mines (USA 1950)
Kipps (UK 1921)
Konets Sankt-Peterburga (USSR 1927)
Körkarlen (Sweden 1920)
Ladies Courageous (USA 1944)
Lady in the Dark (USA 1944)
The Lady Vanishes (UK 1938)
Lady Whirlwind (Hong Kong 1972)
The Lamp Still Burns (UK 1943)
Lassie Come Home (USA 1943)
Laughing Gas (USA 1914)
Der Letze Mann (Germany 1924)
Die Liebe de Jeanne Ney (Germany 1927)
Lieutenant Pimple’s Dash for the Pole (UK 1914)
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (UK 1943)
The Light That Failed (USA 1916)
Lilac Time (USA 1928)
Liliom (USA 1934)
Little Fugitive (USA 1953)
The Little Island (UK 1958)
Little Miss Nobody (USA 1916)
Lola (France 1961)
The Long Day Closes (UK 1992)
The Lost City of the Jungle (USA 1946)
The Lost Special (USA 1932)
The Lost World (USA 1925)
The Love Parade (USA 1929)
Love Story (UK 1944)
Love Story (USA 1970)
Lucille Love, the Girl of Mystery (USA 1914)
Mad Love (USA 1935)
Madame Curie (USA 1943)
Madonna of the Seven Moons (UK 1945)
The Magnificent Ambersons (USA 1942)
Male and Female (USA 1919)
Mandarin’s Gold (USA 1919)
Manhattan (USA 1979)
Manhunter (USA 1986)
The Man in Grey (UK 1943)
The Man Who Stayed at Home (UK 1915)
Marcantonio e Cleopatra (Italy 1913)
Mard (India 1985)
M.A.R.S. (USA 1922)
Mat (USSR 1927)
Match de boxe (France 1897)
A Matter of Life and Death (UK 1946)
Max Comes Across (USA 1917)
Men of Boys Town (USA 1941)
Men of Yesterday (UK 1936)
Metropolis (Germany 1927)
Le Million (France 1931)
The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek (USA 1944)
Mischa Elman (USA 1926)
Mr Skeffington (USA 1944)
Mr Turner (UK 2014)
Mrs Miniver (USA 1942)
Modern Times (USA 1936)
Monkey King Conquers White Bone Ghost Three Times (China 1961)
Mons (UK 1926)
Monsieur Beaucaire (USA 1924)
Der müde Tod (Germany 1921)
La mujer de nadie (Mexico 1937)
The Murder in Thornton Square (USA 1944)
Mutiny on the Bounty (USA 1935)
My Friend Flicka (USA 1943)
My Sister Eileen (USA 1955)
National Velvet (UK 1944)
Natural Colour Portraiture (UK 1909)
Nelson (UK 1918)
Neptune’s Bride (USA 1920)
New Bar Room Scene (USA 1895)
New Blacksmith Shop (USA 1895)
The New Sultan of Turkey (UK 1909)
Nick Winter et le vol de la Joconde (France 1911)
Night and the City (USA 1950)
Noah’s Ark (USA 1928)
North West Mounted Police (USA 1940)
Nosferatu (Germany 1922)
Les nouveaux messieurs (France 1929)
Now Voyager (USA 1942)
Une nuit terrible (France 1896)
Nurse and Martyr (UK 1915)
Odd Man Out (UK 1947)
Oh, You Beautiful Doll (USA 1949)
Old Acquaintance (USA 1943)
The Old Dark House (USA 1932)
Old Mother Riley (UK 1937)
Olympia (Germany 1938)
One Hundred Men and a Girl (USA 1937)
Orient Express (USA 1934)
Otello (Italy 1909)
Otetz i syn (Russia 1919)
Our Mutual Girl (USA 1914)
Over the Hill to the poorhouse (USA 1920)
Overture ‘Tannhauser’ (USA 1926)
Owd Bob (UK 1938)
Paramount on Parade (USA 1930)
Parasina (Italy 1909)
Partie d’écarté (France 1896)
La passion de Jeann d’Arc (France 1928)
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (USA 1973)
Pathé Gazette (UK 1910-1970)
Pauline à la plage (France 1983)
Pearl of the Army (USA 1916)
Pêche aux poissons rouge (France 1895)
Peeping Tom (USA 1897)
Penrod and Sam (USA 1923)
Performance (UK 1970)
The Perils of Pauline (USA 1914)
Les Perles de la couronne (France 1937)
The Phantom of the Opera (USA 1925)
Pied Piper (USA 1933)
Pimple in the Kilties (UK 1915)
Pin Up Girl (USA 1944)
Poet i tsar (USSR 1927)
Potomok Chingiskhana (USSR 1928)
Pourquoi pas! (France 1977)
The Prime Minister (UK 1941)
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (UK 1969)
The Prisoner of Zenda (UK 1915)
The Prisoner of Zenda (USA 1937)
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939)
Professor Mamlock (USSR 1938)
Protsess o tryokh millyonakh (USSR 1926)
Puss & kram (Sweden 1967)
Pygmalion (UK 1938)
Quo Vadis (Italy 1913)
Quo Vadis (Italy 1924)
Raging Bull (USA 1980)
Ramona (USA 1928)
Rashômon (Japan 1950)
The Rattlesnake (USA 1913)
Reaching for the Moon (USA 1917)
Rebecca (USA 1940)
The Red Badge of Courage (USA 1951)
The Red Circle (USA 1915)
Repas de bébé (France 1895)
The Return of Helen Redmond (USA 1914)
Reveille (UK 1924)
Richard III (UK 1955)
A Ride on a Runaway Train (USA 1921)
The Roaring Twenties (USA 1939)
Robin Hood (USA 1922)
RoboCop (USA 1987)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (USA 1975)
Romanticismo (Italy 1915)
The Room (USA 2003)
Roosevelt Rough Riders (USA 1898)
Rory o’ the Bogs (USA 1913)
Running Wild (USA 1927)
Rupert of Hentzau (UK 1915)
Salesman (USA 1968)
Salvatore Giuliano (Italy 1962)
Samson and Delilah (USA 1949)
Sandow (USA 1894)
San Francisco (USA 1936)
Scent of Mystery (USA 1960)
A Sea Cave Near Lisbon (UK 1896)
The Sea Hawk (USA 1940)
A Seaside Samaritan (USA 1913)
The Secret Code (USA 1942)
Secrets of Nature (UK 1922-1933)
The Secrets of the Forest (UK 1956)
Sei no kagayaki (Japan 1918)
Sensations of 1945 (USA 1944)
The Seventh Cross (USA 1944)
The Sheik (USA 1921)
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (USA 1943)
Sherlock Holmes Solves the Sign of Four (USA 1913)
Shichinin no Samurai (Japan 1954)
The Shielding Shadow (USA 1916)
Shooting Stars (UK 1928)
The Shriek of Araby (USA 1923)
Since You Went Away (USA 1944)
The Singing Fool (USA 1928)
Sioux Ghost Dance (USA 1894)
The Singing Fool (USA 1928)
The Sisters (USA 1938)
Die Sklavenkönigin (Austria 1924)
Smiling Through (USA 1941)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (USA 1937)
Sodom und Gomorrha (Austria/Germany 1022)
The Song of Bernadette (USA 1943)
Song of Freedom (UK 1936)
Song of Russia (USA 1944)
A Song to Remember (USA 1945)
So Proudly We Hail (USA 1943)
Sorrell and Son (USA 1927)
La sortie des usine Lumière (France 1895)
Stagecoach (USA 1939)
Stage Door Canteen (USA 1943)
Stand up, Sisters! (China 1950)
Staroye i novoye (USSR 1929)
Steeled Fighter (China 1950)
Stella Dallas (USA 1937)
The Story of Dr. Wassell (USA 1944)
Die Straße (Germany 1923)
Der Student von Prag (Germany 1926)
Sunday Dinner for a Soldier (USA 1944)
Sunshine Susie (UK 1931)
Syncopation (USA 1929)
Target for Tonight (UK 1941)
Tarzan and His Mate (USA 1934)
Tarzan Finds a Son! (USA 1939)
Tarzan of the Apes (USA 1918)
Tarzan’s Desert Mystery (USA 1943)
Tarzan’s New York Adventure (USA 1942)
Tarzan’s Secret Treasure (USA 1941)
Telling the World (USA 1928)
The Ten Commandments (USA 1923)
Ten Nights in a Bar Room (USA 1921)
Tess of the D’Urbervilles (USA 1924)
That Hamilton Woman (USA 1941)
Thief (USA 1981)
The Third Man (UK 1949)
The 39 Steps (UK 1935)
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (USA 1944)
The Three Musketeers (USA 1916)
The Three Musketeers (USA 1921)
Three Smart Girls (USA 1936)
Three Smart Girls Grow Up (USA 1939)
Tom Brown’s Schooldays (UK 1916)
Topper Takes a Trip (USA 1938)
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (USA 1936)
Le trésor de Kériolet (France 1920)
The Trespasser (USA 1929)
Tri Tovarishcha (USSR 1935)
Les Trois Mosquetaires (France 1921)
Tumbling Tumbleweeds (USA 1935)
Turksib (USSR 1929)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (USA 1916)
Ultus and the Grey Lady (UK 1916)
Ultus, the Man from the Dead (UK 1915)
Um fremde Schuld – Eine Episode aus dem Leben (Germany 1912)
Uncle Josh at the Moving Picture Show (USA 1902)
Les vacances de M. Hulot (France 1953)
The Vampire Bat (USA 1933)
Vessel of Wrath (USA 1938)
Vesti La Giubba (USA 1926)
Victoria the Great (UK 1937)
Vogues of 1938 (USA 1937)
Le voyage dans la Lune (France 1902)
Das Wachsfigurenkabinett (Germany 1924)
War Horse (USA 2011)
Watch on the Rhine (USA 1943)
The Way to the Stars (USA 1945)
Weary River (USA 1929)
The Wedding March (USA 1928)
We Dive at Dawn (USA 1943)
Werewolf of London (USA 1935)
W.G. Grace Celebrates at Lord’s on His 50th Birthday (UK 1898)
What Price Glory? (USA 1926)
What the Burglar Got (USA 1914)
What the Girls Did with Willie’s Hat (USA 1897)
When Knighthood was in Flower (USA 1922)
The White Cliffs of Dover (USA 1944)
White Shadows in the South Seas (USA 1922)
Wild at Heart (USA 1990)
The Wild Man from Borneo (USA 1914)
The Wind (USA 1928)
Wings (USA 1927)
With Our King and Queen Through India (UK 1912)
The Wizard of Oz (USA 1939)
A Woman of Affairs (USA 1928)
The World in his Arms (USA 1952)
Wrestling Match (USA 1894)
Written in the Wind (USA 1956)
Les yeux sans visage (France 1959)
The Young Mr Pitt (UK 1942)
A Zed & Two Noughts (UK 1985)
Zemlya (USSR 1930)
Zigomar (France 1911)
The Zoological Gardens (UK 1909)

Lantern slides
Bob the Fireman
Geneviève de Brabant
Man Swallowing Rat
Noah’s Ark
Pilgrim’s Progress
Probable Sons
The Prodigal Son
Robinson Crusoe

Aeronautikon! (1836)
Mr Albert Smith’s Ascent of Mont Blanc (1852)
Moving Diorama of the Polar Expedition (1829)
Waterloo (1816)

Streamed theatre
Eugein Onegin (USA 2007)
Frankenstein (UK 2011)
Hamlet (UK 2010)
Richard II (UK 2013)
War Horse (UK 2014)

Television programmes
Andy Pandy (UK 1950)
Band of Brothers (USA 2001)
The Basil Brush Show (UK 1968)
Berlin Alexanderplatz (Germany 1980)
Blockbusters (UK 1983)
The Coronation (UK 1953)
The Coronation Procession (UK 1937)
Dekalog (Poland/West Germany 1989)
Emergency Ward 10 (UK 1957)
The Flower Pot Men (UK 1952)
Heimat (Germany 1984)
Julius Caesar (UK 1938)
A Marriage Has Been Arranged (UK 1939)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (UK 1937)
Multi-Coloured Swap Shop (UK 1976)
1984 (UK 1954)
Neighbours (Australia 1985)
Panoramas (UK 1957)
Picture Page (UK 1936)
Picture Parade (UK 1956)
Sky King (USA 1951)
Softly Softly (UK 1966)
The Sopranos (USA 1999)
Talkback (UK 1967)
Tiswas (UK 1974)
Tonight (UK 1957)
The Two Bouquets (UK 1936)
What’s My Line? (UK 1951)
Whirligig (UK 1950)
Die Zweite Heimat (Germany 1992)

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