At the Cinema: When Love is Crowned

Source: Unidentified artist, ‘At the Cinema: When Love is Crowned’, unsent postcard c.1914, from the Luke McKernan collection


Comments: This peculiar postcard is one of a series in which the same children dressed as adults react to different kinds of film in the cinema. Another in the series is ‘The Tragic Film‘.


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5 thoughts on “At the Cinema: When Love is Crowned

  1. It would be interesting to know what the artist was thinking. Then again, perhaps it wouldn’t. I’ve not been able to find if there were any others in the series (so, does two make a series?).

  2. Do you know who the artist was? I know I’ve seen antique ads in a similar style but darned if I can remember where or when.

    I’m not sure the children are dressed as adults, Luke–the little girls have big bows in their hair and socks, that’s a little girl thing. Didn’t little boys used to get togged out as tiny adults, with little suits? Although sometimes they wore those little short pants that we call knickers and you (ahem) don’t, like Little Lord Fauntleroy.

  3. I don’t have the name of the artist – no clues on the postcards themselves.

    I agree the girls are dressed like little girls, but although young upper(-middle) class boys could get dressed to look like adults, there’s something about this set that doesn’t equate with Little Lord Fauntleroy and his ilk. It’s the long trousers, the ties and the haircuts – and the bowler hat. I think they are meant to be children representing adults, for the purposes of cuteness. But it’s all rather odd.

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